What would summer be without the grazing beats of Cascandy? Somewhere between the mystical lands of yearning synths and intriguing vocals the Cascandy-wind fetches your sails and leads you into a unique sound-horizon. “All I Need” tells a story bigger than words. Like a cowboy riding across a desert you can almost feel the dust in your face and wind in your hair. After days on the horseback you arrive at a little village where you are met by this man sitting on a porch singing out his life-story. The song balances somewhere between euphoria and melancholy and is able to take your mind on a journey far, far away. 

“Breakdown” immediately pulls you back to reality with its catchy groove, before strumming soft melodies start a travel of their own. It is all subtly building up towards the break that erupts with massive, soaring vocals that are powerful yet carrying a distinct fragility. The saxophone gives the track a jazzy background and transports you back to a different era of glam, sweat and smoky clubs. 

There is no doubt that Cascandy always has had a very special sound, and this is exactly what makes this EP so great. Hard to define but so catchy, the way only Cascandy can make music.

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